VarioTronic - the height adjustable flushing system

Publish date: 28.06.2019

VarioTronic - the height adjustable flushing system

The VarioTronic is a aesthetically designed electronical height-adjustable concealed system.. Due to its exceptional functionality and design, it will satisfy the most demanding tastes and needs. It can be used by everyone - from the youngest, who are just starting to use the toilet, to the elderly and people with special mobility needs.



VarioTronic is an electronically height-adjustable concealed system. Using a remote controller, the height of the toilet bowl can be easily adjusted in the range of 20 cm (-2 cm/+18 cm). Minimum wall-mounted toilet bowl height (with ceramic surface) is 38 cm, maximum is 58 cm.

Advantages of the VarioTronic system:

  • The system is aesthetically designed.
  • The wall part and the sides are made from high-quality stainless steel.
  • There are versions with a mechanical, pneumatic or electronic flushing plate.
  • The small width of the concealed system allows very simple manoeuvring witha wheelchair.
  • Lateral support brackets next to the frame are fully foldable and move together with the element and are easy to install and remove.
  • The system can withstand a static load of 400 kg.
  • It is possible to lift people of up to 180kg.
  • Installing a concealed system is very simple.
  • Servicing is possible from the side.

VarioTronic was designed specifically for:

  • Hospitals and other healthcare facilities,
  • Residential houses with independent and comfortable lavatories,
  • Apartments for older people,
  • Nursing homes,
  • Rehabilitation centres.

Flushing plates:

You can choose between mechanical, pneumatic or electronic flushing plates for operating the
VarioTronic flushing system. Flushing plates are aesthetically designed and constructed to be
user-friendly and easy to install. The system is designed from the highest-quality materials with
guaranteed long life span.

Some of them enable comfortable and hygienic rinsing with the help of modern electronics, as the automatic rinsing is triggered after a simple swipe of the hand in front of the button. To easily change the settings, a special mobile application is available, with which the automatic rinsing can be easily switched on or off, thus further improving comfort.

At the following link you can watch a short video presentation of the use of VarioTronic, more information can be found on the following website, and in the prepared brochure.



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