IR set with Celestine stainless steel flushing plate, for flush cistern, battery

Sensor system for flushing cistern

Installation method

  • Installation on the concealed flushing cistern 9012 (Jog)


  • IR electronics set
  • Battery power supply
  • For non-contact flushing of cisterns 9012 (Jog) – automatic
  • Stainless steel front panel – CrNi
  • Front panel secured against vandalism
  • Automatic triggering or by moving your hand towards the sensor
  • Triggering with an adjustable delay: from 1 to 32 s
  • Adjustable sensitivity of the sensor: from 35 to 70 cm

Technical data

  • Infrared control
  • Battery power supply: 6 V

The product contains

  • Front panel
  • Control electronics
  • Electric lifting device for drain sets
  • Low voltage servo motors
  • Control and reception of distance sensing and preventing background glare
  • Parts for mounting flushing plates and electronics
  • Batteries
Suitable for flushing cisterns type 9012 (Jog)

Installation instructions - IR set with a Celestine stainless steel flushing plate, for flush cisterns, battery

Setting instruction - IR set with a Celestine stainless steel flushing plate, for flush cisterns, battery

Weight: 950 g
Packaging: pcs/box (280 × 180 × 60 mm)
ID: 223767

Why use LIV flushing cisterns

10 years warranty - because we fully trust our knowledge and quality

HDV inlet valve - because it is resistant to impurities in water and requires no maintenance

ABS material - because we put our trust only in high-quality materials

Easy settings - without measuring and testing


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