Toilet packs


Installation method

  • Ceramics + Integrated touchless flushing system

Properties – ceramic

  • Series: Dome
  • Type: Standard sized toilet
  • Coating: Standard glazing
  • Flush type: Rimless
  • Specialties: With softclose toilet seat
  • Norms EN 997, EN 33

Properties – mounting frame

  • Flushing volume 3L / 6L
  • Height 1180 - 1380 mm
  • Width 380 mm
  • Depth 140 - 200 mm
  • Norms EN 14055, NF D12-208

Properties – technology

  • Sensor technology IR + IPEE Spectre
  • Flushing volume: Dual flush
  • Sensor plate: Stainless steel
  • Manual override detection
  • Overflow prevention
  • Power 230V
  • Norms EN 61000-6-3

Special features

  • Dual flush 3L / 6L
  • Overflow prevention technology
  • No false flushes

The product contains

  • Mounting frame XS
  • Ceramic toilet with pre-mounted IPEE technology
  • Duroplast softclose seat
  • Stainless steel sensor plate
  • 230V power supply

IPEE T3 Technical sheet
IPEE_Toilet packs_DoP

Packaging: The T3 Toilet pack consists of 2 sets: one for the structural work phase and one for the finishing phase.
ID: 8050452734, 6055700233

Ident. No. EAN code Description
8050452734 8711778220416 Mounting frame XS
6055700233 8711778221215 T3, Dual flush, Stainless steel sensor plate

Why use LIV flushing cisterns

10 years warranty - because we fully trust our knowledge and quality

HDV inlet valve - because it is resistant to impurities in water and requires no maintenance

ABS material - because we put our trust only in high-quality materials

Easy settings - without measuring and testing


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