The beginnings of the company Fluidmaster Slovenija date back to 1954, when the company LIV was founded in Postojna. Initially, the main activities were smelting and metal processing.

In 1961, the first step towards the development and production of thermoplastic products was made with the production of valves and siphons. In 1970, production expanded to exposed and later to concealed cisterns.
Ownership has changed several times over the years, but the real impetus was given to the company when it was taken over by the American corporation Fluidmaster, known worldwide for its fill and flush valves. The former LIV has identified a suitable partner for penetrating the European market and the results of recent years show that they made the right decision, as sales are growing from year to year.
Fluidmaster d.o.o. is today one of the leading European providers of sanitary products, with the brands Fluidmaster, LIV, Schwab and Wisa selling its products in more than 20 markets.

In our sales program today you can find high-quality concealed and exposed cisterns, smart sanitary solutions, flushing plates and non-contact flushing systems, urinal, sink and bidet frames, shower drains, discharge valves and traps, sanitary ceramics, toilet seats, fill and flush valves, connecting elements and many spare parts and accessories for various products.

The key to our success is the cooperation of several target audiences - the end user and his user experience, sales personnel and architects who design the bathroom and advise the appropriate elements, and installers who install the selected elements.

We successfully incorporate the knowledge and gained experience into the further development of our products, placing great emphasis on usability, durability, technical and design perfection, and economy in the use of drinking water.