Floor constant-flow trap

DN50 horizontal constant-flow floor trap, grid 105 × 105 mm


  • Installation in the ground


  • Floor constant-flow trap
  • Height adjustable trap
  • Stainless steel strong grid
  • Housing made of ABS material
  • Horizontal drain

Technical data

  • Water trap
  • Trap height: from 86 to 120 mm
  • Grid: 105 × 105 mm
  • Inflow pipe: ø 50 mm 
  • Drain pipe: ø 50 mm 
  • Flow of water: 50,5 l/min

Packaging: 20/box
ID: 351003

Why use LIV flushing cisterns

10 years warranty - because we fully trust our knowledge and quality

HDV inlet valve - because it is resistant to impurities in water and requires no maintenance

ABS material - because we put our trust only in high-quality materials

Easy settings - without measuring and testing


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