Fluidmaster 550 Series Dual Flush Valve is a product that enables very quick and simple installation, suitable for different ceramic cisterns that has a top, front or side button activation. Flush valve makes it simple to customize this water-saving product to work perfectly with any style and type of manufactured toilet.

Product number: 550B-005-P15
EAN: 3838912063489

  • Suitable for ceramic monoblock cisterns
  • Dual flush valve with mechanical activation
  • Full and partial flush option available
  • Adjustable overflow height (215,9 – 342,9 mm)
  • Cable length 550 mm for maximum flexibility
  • Easily activated with dual flush button
  • Possibility of installing the activation button in different positions of the cistern (top, front, side)
  • For cistern button hole Ø 18 – 40 mm
  • Adjustable for many ceramic cisterns
  • “Twist & Release” action for simple maintenance
  • Long lasting silicone seal
  • Robust design
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Proven and reliable quality
  • Consistent performance
  • Installation sheet included
  • Outlet pipe G 2
  • Downloads