Novelty in our program - Fluidmaster fill and flush valves

Publish date: 23.12.2020
Fluidmaster fill and flush valves



Publish date: 19.11.2020

Are you aware of the fact that as many as 4.2 billion people in the world live without access to safe and hygienic sanitary facilities? For these people, being without a toilet is a way of life.

Something that is taken for granted in certain parts of the world poses a serious threat to human health and life in other parts of the world.


IPEE touchless systems

Publish date: 05.06.2020

IPEE touchless systems - The most sustainable, touchless sanitary ware for public, commercial and hospitality projects


VarioTronic - the height adjustable flushing system

Publish date: 28.06.2019
VarioTronic is a aesthetically designed electronical height-adjustable concealed system.. Due to its exceptional functionality and design, it will satisfy the most demanding tastes and needs. It can be used by everyone - from the youngest, who are just starting to use the toilet, to the elderly and people with special mobility needs.


Linear shower drains - novelty in our program

Publish date: 05.09.2018
Novelty in our sales program - linear shower drains - available in different lengths and in different grid designs

Why use LIV flushing cisterns

10 years warranty - because we fully trust our knowledge and quality

HDV inlet valve - because it is resistant to impurities in water and requires no maintenance

ABS material - because we put our trust only in high-quality materials

Easy settings - without measuring and testing


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