RUBY flushing plate for dual flushing


Ruby - extremely rare and highly regarded precious stone valued as highly as diamonds. The Ruby Eco flushing plate embodies elegance and gives prestige to the bathroom equipment.


Installation method

  • For mounting on concealed flushing cisterns


  • Material: glass, wood, plexiglass
  • Dual flushing
  • For concealed flushing cistern 7512 / 7522
  • For concealed flushing cistern 9052
  • For concealed flushing cistern 9012

Special features

  • Simple installation and maintenance

The product contains

  • All parts required for fixing are supplied with the product
Version Colour               
Ruby Eco plexiglass black 223108
Ruby Eco plexiglass white  73730
Ruby Eco glass green 229454
Ruby Eco glass pergamon 392902
Ruby Eco glass white 229455
Ruby Eco wood wenge 229456
Ruby Eco wood zebrano 70107
frame without filler   232865

 Packaging: 4 pcs/carton
ID: 223108, 229454, 229455, 229456, 232865, 70107, 392902, 73730

Versions available

ID: 223108   ID: 229454   ID: 229455   ID: 229456
ID: 70107   ID: 392902    ID: 73730    ID: 232865 

Why use LIV flushing cisterns

10 years warranty - because we fully trust our knowledge and quality

HDV inlet valve - because it is resistant to impurities in water and requires no maintenance

ABS material - because we put our trust only in high-quality materials

Easy settings - without measuring and testing


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