A wide selection of flushing cisterns for different purposes allows a variety of layouts and with a rich offer of flushing plates ensures aesthetic compatibility with every ambience. Flushing plates offer dual water flush, thus contributing to economical and responsible use of drinking water.

KATION electronic flushing plates are available in high-quality white plastic or white and black glass, and enable contactless activation with infrared technology.

Product number: 4060419921

  • Hygienic non-contact flushing plate with infrared technology for concealed flushing cisterns
  • Material: glass
  • Color: white
  • Dual flushing
  • For front flushing activation
  • For concealed flushing cistern LIV 6052
  • For concealed flushing cistern SCHWAB 387
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • All parts required for fixing are supplied with the product
  • Series: KATION
    Warranty: 1 year